Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kentucky Governor's Cup Band Competition:

Well, for all you band people, MHS came away with the Kentucky Governors Cup on Saturday night. Saturday was a bit of a crazy day because all the band members had to be at the school for practice bright and early. Scott is now offically a member of the PIT crew, so he goes on all the band trips and helps get things set up for the kids. A friend of mine took Dalton for the day and he had a great time. I had a vendor show/fundraiser for Scentsy, so I was there for the day. Poor Madisen was board for the day, watching TV and reading. I'm sure she played on the computer for a period of time as well. I tried to pick up Dalton about 7 (ish), but they hadn't eaten yet, AND they were doing smores in the backyard firepit. He actually got to hang around that firepit for a good part of the day, helping to pick up lots of sticks from the ground left over from the windstorm. Anyway, he stayed and I came home to hang out with Madisen. Scott called earlier in the day and said that the high school had taken 3 of 5 awards, and they also made it in the finals that evening. MHS would be playing at 9:30. I knew Dalton needed a shower and that he had a VERY busy day helping out around the Hutchison's. He HAD to shower when he got home. I was pretty tired and didn't want to drive the 35 minutes to watch, because I knew Dalton's coping skills would be G.O.N.E. by 9:30, definately by 11:30 when we would be home. I had a bit of a "Come to Jesus" meeting with myself. Would sitting in front of the TV with the 2 at home, getting Dalton to bed on time be better than driving out to watch Makenah? Who would benefit more by my choice of where I needed to be THAT evening. It was with Makenah. She needed to see us there. I needed to be there cheering her on! I was soooo dog tired, but most of the time, cheering on your child trumps being exhausted. I made the announcement to hurry and get your shoes on. We were going to make it down to Kentucky to watch the band play. We arrived as the band was walking out on the field. I'm so glad I made the choice to go. The other 2 were just fine, and it was so fun to watch the kids play. All the hard work, effort, and time was apparent in the whole show. In the end, MHS won the championship. They brought home the coveted Kentucky Governors Cup (to Ohio!). They will get the keep the cup for one year, then it has to be returned. I found the performance on YouTube if you would like to watch. Makenah is the second one in from the left (and the shortest) in the PIT. She is standing in front of the drum things playing the vibraphone.


Bridges Family said...

Wow this is great for you to have! I thought I even saw Scott walking off of the field in the beginning. Looks like they have a great band! Congrat's to the all kids and their accomplishments.

Mine - not so much on big loser needs! I have not weighed in for two weeks! ughh

little miss shortcake said...

i keep falling behind on posting comments!
how awesome that they won the kentucky cup! take that, kentucky! ;)