Sunday, October 5, 2008

Madisen Babysits :)

Kylie, Madsien and Walter -Chillin Madisen took the Red Cross babysitting course earlier this year, and has only been able to babysit a few times since. The thing is, she is an EXCELLENT babysitter and really enjoys being around the small children. She reminds me of myself when I was her age, and just has a knack for the little ones. She has put so much time into making her babysitting kit, filling it with all kinds of fun activities for the kids. When my friend Carrie called and told me her babysitter cancelled for Thursday night, she asked if Madisen could sit. I was so excited for Madisen because she has been waiting and waiting for a babysitting gig. Since Carrie lives about 35 minutes away, we decided to have the kids come to our house rather than having to have Madisen brought all the way back home late. It worked out perfect and Madisen (and I) had a great time with Kylie and Walter. I made playdough and then Madisen (and Dalton) entertained for the evening. In addition to playdough, they played with the Kinex, Light Bright, then watched Beauty and the Beast while enjoying popcorn, LOTS of popcorn. It was a fun evening. The kids were SO well behaved, and Madisen was able to put some more money towards her iPod. Dalton got to have a "little brother" for a few hours :) My children would have NEVER sat to watch a movie at this age -NEVER!!


mjenningsdesigns said...

What cutie pies! I remember babysitting at her it was yesterday...YIKES!

little miss shortcake said...

why, those children are ADORABLE... they must mine ;)
i'm so glad you got pics of them snuggled on the beanbag chairs! so cute. i can't believe kylie didn't tell me they watched beauty & the beast - she has been begging me to get it for her but it's "locked in the disney vault".
THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH! Tell Madisen she did a GREAT job!