Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time for a Trim...

The last time I trimmed the yard was on Halloween last year. I have done a few small trimmings here and there, but it has been a while since the yard has had a good trim. Last year, on Halloween, I noticed the children would have a hard time getting around the overgrowth of the bushes, so as the kids were getting their costumes on, I was out trimming. I did not want a repeat of last year. So, last week, while Scott was out of town, I found my gardening gloves and went to work. These types of things I wait for Scott to go out of town to do, because I like to do them MY way. Of course when he gets home he is happy to see the job done, but says he wishes that I would have waited because he would have liked to have some input on how much I trimmed off. There really were no before pictures, just during and after. So, I started with the tall grass plant that I don't particularly like. The Pringles can is left over from the big wind storm. Take a look at this thing! We shall call it "Thing One": Oh, much better!! Then there was the dead-heading of all the flowers. This is one of MANY! Well now, this is something. If I knew how to knit, I could make a sweater out of this stuff. Maybe I should leave this up for Halloween. Now we have "Thing 12-17": I think I ended up with only one blister, but after it was all cleaned up, things looked so much better. I found some bolders under the kitchen window I didn't even know we had.

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