Sunday, October 5, 2008

Life With Dalton :)

When the girls were little, they enjoyed playing board games. They would beg and beg, and I would tear myself away from whatever unimportant task I was doing, to try and be "in the moment" with them. They enjoy the occasional board game, however usually I'm the one to ask. Dalton has been on a board game kick for about 2 years now, maybe even longer. If I stopped to play board games every time he asked, I would get NOTHING done. At lease 4 times a day, "Mom, will you play a game with me?" Though I try as often as I can, it's just not enough. When we do play, he is so stink'n smart and anylitical, he can just about whip my butt at every game we play, with the exception of Stratego (one of my all-time favorites), and Scrabble. Well, the other night we played LIFE. Of course he won, but I thought it funny that he had to cart around two cars through a good part of the game because he had SO many children. Here's to the game of LIFE, and all the other board games and card games that get played at our house. Off to the right is my green car, while we see to the left BOTH of Dalton's cars. He did pick all boys, even though he was supposed to have 4 girls. ;)

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