Friday, October 3, 2008

The "SEAT SAVERS" Battle!

My children have been into the whole "SEAT SAVERS" mode now for about 3 years (I know, I keep thinking they will grow out of it), and it drives me a little crazy. In case you are not from this planet, "SEAT SAVERS" works like this: If you are sitting down in a comfy spot in front of the T.V., and you get up, you better call out "SEAT SAVER" or your seat is fair game and anyone can take it. There is one rule though: The only time "Seat Savers" doesn't apply is if you get up to use the restroom, then you get your seat back (or if you are the parent, cuz parents rule). So the other day, Makenah and Madisen were at it with the "seat saver" thing. This is how it all went down: Makenah got up for something other than the restroom and Madisen took her spot. Makenah jumped on the inner side of the couch and attempted to "wiggle" Madisen right off. Yes, those are teeth coming out. You should have seen the blood as I threw down my camera. No, just kidding. There were no teeth marks I promise. Makenah moves from the "wiggle" strategy to just pushing her sister right off. Love the black nail polish Makenah. It's beautiful!! And Madisen gets back up and jumps in for more. Notice Scott on the other couch -the three person couch with lots of room on either side of him. "Hello Dear!" "Should we put a stop to this?" Why would we want to put a stop to this? It's how our daughter's express their love for each other. It's also entertainment around our house. And just when you thought Makenah had lost her place... the parents decide enough is enough, and they are both OFF THE COUCH!! Mom and Dad prevail!!

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little miss shortcake said...

oh, that is something they will NEVER grow out of. i still fight over seats with my brother and sister ;)

thanks again for last night! we had a great time, and so did the kids!