Thursday, November 13, 2008

Grand Nationals:

Well, I don't have photos, but Scott and Makenah have made their way to the Bands Of America 2008 - Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana. Makenah boarded a very nice charted bus this morning, and Scott carpooled with another dad. They will be staying there a few days and have quite a few activities they will be taking part in. This is a HUGE band competition and Scott sent me a text earlier this afternoon saying they did very well on their first round. Scott was able to get a few days off work, and the band got a few days off school. Tomorrow night, they will get to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, can you imagine over 100 kids (teens) walking through the door of the Hard Rock Cafe. I'm kind of glad that Scott is taking this one. He was good to sign up for all the band trips, and I signed up for all the High School dances. That seems fair -except that I recruited Scott to help with the dances too :). Makenah was adamant about us NOT being so involved in the high school events, so we thought it was a good idea (and a parental necessity) to be even more involved then we had originally planned. I'm sure they will have a great time!

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little miss shortcake said...

hard rock cafe and skipping school? wow... who knew being in the band could be so cool?