Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween Party!

A few days before Halloween, we had a fun party at the church. It started off with a chili cook-off. There were some good looking chilis there, however I was not in a chili kind of a mood. Before we left, we ate dinner at home. Pork Chops, hot cinnamon apples, mashed potatoes and green beans. That's what I was in the mood for -MM, MMM, YUMMY! After dinner, we hurried and got ready, I grabbed the camera and out the door we went. The kids (well, Dalton) went from classroom to classroom playing games and trick-or-treating. Makenah hung out in the hall socializing with friends, and mooching candy from her siblings. Madisen hung out with friends as well and must have played some games, because she came home with some loot as well. It was a fun evening, and we saw lots of great costumes. Here we have a bubble bath. I asked her if I could throw darts -she didn't think that was funny though. :( A small part of the evening's crowd: Boys will be Boys: And Girls will be Girls: and then there is the cute little lederhosen: This is my friend from Life, Love and Linvingston's little boy. He is so cute!


mjenningsdesigns said...

How cute! Love the bubble bath!

little miss shortcake said...

the halloween party was fun!
geez... i'm feeling a little guilty that my kids are in your pumpkin carving pictures! should i send them over on thanksgiving, too?