Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Halloween! (a wee bit late)

Happy Halloween 2008 We have been so busy lately, we didn't even have a chance to go to the pumpkin patch this year. Scott did pick up some pumpkins at the local Kroger's (isn't THAT so fun and filled with memories), then sat them in the garage for later use. Normally, we carve our pumpkins on the Monday night before Halloween, but again, we were too busy. We remembered the night before, but as usual, Makenah was at her second home (aka -the band room practicing for more competitions). Madisen had a babysitting job again with a few of our favorite little people,Kylie and Walter. I think we are just going to claim them as part of our family :) It worked out well though becuase we she was watching them at our house. We did have a fun evening of carving pumpkins. Scott likes to help by cutting the tops of the pumpkins out, and because he loves me so much, he even does the cleaning out portion of my pumpkin. I get to do the fun part of carving though. Again, this has NEVER happened in 16 years, but I forgot to take pictures of our carved, finished pumpkins. They all turned out so fun too. We sure do love pumpkin seeds (when they are cooked with lots of fun seasonings).