Monday, October 27, 2008

Band Competitions!

Lately we have been busy with football games and band competitions. I had the opportunity to watch our band compete at Mason High School the other night. It was amazing to see such a variety between the competitors. One high school had an oriental theme going and the costumes were very cool. The drum line wore ninja costumes, while the conductors were a warrior and some sort of princess. Even the pit wore some sort of traditional costumes. It was fun when the marching band from this same school put down their instruments to have this choreographed "stick" fight. There were a few other schools that did very well. I still like our school's theme of "sfere". During the performance, we had a balloon pop and one that flew away -ooops, that was a deduction. Of course Scott helped get the band ready on the field. I got a few pictures of him helping to set up, but they turned out a bit blurry. I can't believe it cost so much to get in to watch. It was $8.00 for me and $5.00 each for Madisen and Dalton. Yep, welcome to the next 10 years of our life.
Notice the warrior and the ninjas:
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Cari said...

Glad you are alive and kicking. Cool to see the band. You're right, whew Expensive. Wonder where the money goes?

Bridges Family said...

Hey I have been wondering where you went? Busy life of teenage kids! Looks like fun and brings back a ton of memories.

mjenningsdesigns said...

Oh I love it! It brings back very fond memories for me!