Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Weekend with Kylie and Walter:

My friend Carrie called on Friday night and needed to make a quick trip to California with her husband, but without the children. She was in a bind, and since we had so much fun with Kylie and Walter last time, and we didn't have any major plans ourselves, I was pretty quick to say bring em on over. Saturday, early afternoon, little Kylie and Walter were knocking on our door. Again, my children, and myself, have had so much fun. Last night Scott and I were supposed to chaperone the Homecoming dance. I was thinking when I said it would be no problem, that Madisen and Makenah would be fine to hang out with the babies until Scott and I got home. Makenah had a last minute invite to Kings Island for the Halloween shabang that they have going on this time of year. So, off she went. The more I realized how tires and busy the little ones were, the more I realized that with Dalton home as well, Madisen might have a difficult time. It worked out for the dance anyway because they had an extra volunteer. I was able to stay home and have some fun with the kids. Kylie and Walter were so tired by about 8 PM. Walter had a bit of a nap about 5 (ish), but he was ready for bed. I borrowed a pack and play from my other friend Cari, and Walter was so happy to see it there after I got it set up. I layed him down, and he was out in about 5 minutes. This is Kylie, so tired. Notice she is playing with the Brio builder sets.
This is Walter, looking at me upside down. Notice he is playing with Kylie's Barbie.
This has been Madisen since they showed up at my house. She is SO great with little ones.
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This was Walter this morning. He looked so sweet when I got him up out of the crib. I actually tried to snuggle with him, but just like most guys, there was NO snuggling to be had. He was off and running and wanted breakfast NOW!
Did I mention he wanted food.....NOW!
Here is Madisen again. The kids LOVE her.
and again...
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After church, we came home and ate lunch, had naps (Walter slept for almost 3 hours!). I thought it might be a good idea to head off to the park after dinner.
This is as close to a little brother that Dalton will have, he sure was lovin it!
I love this picture of Kylie in the swing :)
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Makenah and Scott had a fun time with the frisbee...
I tried to play for a bit, but after 4 or 5 throws, it was apparent that I wasn't needed.
I really am not very good at throwing a frisbee.
Makenah has taken after her father with the whole frisbee thing. That okay, I had to attend to something else...
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This is the playground Walter would have liked to play on (it made me too nervous)
This is the playground he got to play on. The Vance Family was at the park, so their kids started playing house with my kids, and Kylie and Walter had so much fun. Then it was off to the sand! OH, how I have forgotten how much fun it is to wash off sand. When the kids were good and tired, we headed home for bathtime.
Walter and Kylie had so much fun taking a bubble bath in my BIG bathtub. Kylie kept wanting to "swim" and it would about knock Walter right over in the water. I let them both play for a bit, then got Walter out and ready for bed so Kylie could just "swim" to her hearts content. Of course she was happy to get out so she could go find Madisen
When I got all the bathtime cleaned up, this is how I found Madisen and her shadows.
Madisen and Kylie have just gone off to bed, and Walter only took about 3 minutes to quiet down and is off to neverland until morning. I will take the kids to school and then take Kylie to preschool in the morning. Carrie and Darren will be home tomorrow evening and I'm sure Kylie and Walter will be so excited to have Mommy and Daddy back. It's amazing that after 5 years, I have forgotten how busy they can be. I have had so much fun, but I'm having a difficult time keeping up. :) I'm glad Madisen and Dalton have been around to help out, they have been GREAT!
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Cari said...

Oh Life with 5 kids! Gotto love it!

S.Shepherd said...

We are SO grateful that you guys are doing this for us! Everyone looks like they are having fun! Hopefully they aren't wearing you out too much ;)
Thank you for posting the pics, we sure are missing our little munchkins.
And really, thank you SO much for taking our kids for the weekend. We are so glad that we were able to be here to support our family.

little miss shortcake said...

oops, that was from me :)

Lisa said...

That last picture is SO sweet. Says it all! Thank you so much for taking the kids at the last minute. I told Carrie not to hesitate asking you. Looks like everyone had a blast! We did too. It was a wonderful day yesterday, and so awesome that we could be here to support my dad.

Anne Marie said...

That was so great of you and your family to jump in and take care of Kylie and Walter for Carrie and Darren. And thank you for the update. Those kids sure did look worn out!

From: Carrie's Aunt Anne.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures of my grandkids. I'm jealous but at least I got to see Carrie. Thanks again, Jennie, Carrie's mom

4funboys said...

what a great friend you are!!!

mjenningsdesigns said...

You are a great friend! Looks like your kids had a blast too :-)

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