Sunday, November 23, 2008


Before our permanent road trip about 18 months ago, I stopped into the local church bookstore looking for a few books for Makenah to read (that's one of her passions!). I looked for sometime with no luck. After getting a bit frustrated, I asked the gal that worked there if she had any suggestions for my teenage daughter that has read just about every non "churchy" book out there. Her suggestion: Twilight. I called Makenah at home and asked her what she thought -"NAH", it didn't sound like something she wanted to read. The employee said that it such a great book, and if she was an avid reader, and a teen-age girl, she would LOVE the book. I hesitantly paid for the book, along with a few other items, and off I went- back home to continue packing. Not more than 20 minutes into our trip, she announced that Twilight was the best book E.V.V.V.V.E.R.!! She finished it in a few days and was ready for the second book, which we found at the Wal-Mart on our way out of Cortez, Colorado. Needless to say, she flew through all the rest of the books. When we heard that Twilight would be a movie, the excitement set in all over. Madisen happens to be a fan of the Fabelhaven series, but after reading those books a few times she was looking for something different. She picked up Twilight, and ploughed through all the books as well. I have yet to read them, but didn't want to miss the opportunity for a Mother/Daughter afternoon outing at the movies. Saturday, yesterday, we went to see Twilight. I'm sure if I had read the book, the movie would have been much better for me. I think I missed out on quite a few of the details that I would have gotten in the book. The girls LOVED it, and of course Edward and Jacob are the "HOTTIES" in the movie. There were SO many teenage girls there, too fun! I'm sure I will be reading the books once I finally get through Harry Potter (I know!) A link you may like to visit if you are a Twilight fan: click here! About Bella: New to Forks, Washington, Isabella Swan arrives to live with her father after her mother remarries. Intelligent, caring and perpetually clumsy, Bella has a habit of finding herself in distress... all the more convenient that she has a vampire to look after her. About Edward: Edward Cullen was adopted by Dr. Carlisle Cullen as a 17-year-old. Super-fast, charming and a talented musician, his unique gift is hearing what people are thinking. Everyone except Bella ... About Jacob: A Native American from the Quileute tribe, the ever-cheerful Jacob strikes up a friendship with Bella that grows more complicated as the saga continues. About James: James is a skilled tracker, who hunts for sport. Unlike the Cullens, he primarily feasts on human blood. About Charlie: Chief of police in Forks, Charlie enjoys fishing and watching sports on TV. He warily accepts Edward as Bella's boyfriend but is concerned about her becoming too consumed with him. About Victoria: A nomadic vampire with flame-red hair who travels with James and Laurent, she becomes a primary threat to Bella in New Moon and Eclipse. Off I go to get some reading done :)


The Thalman's said...

I wouldn't suggest the last book, Breaking Dawn. It is borderline romance novel. You should read it first, and then see if you want your daughters to read it. Anyway, just trying to get the word out. It is very disappointing coming from an LDS author. I don't think anyone expects it to be what it is...and I don't think the parents realize what is going on in the books their daughters are reading.

little miss shortcake said...

i loved ALL of the books, but you already knew that ;) but after twilight, breaking dawn is my next favorite.

can't wait to see the movie!!! i'm waiting for my SIL to get here on T-Day so we can go see it together!

Jared and Dani said...

I really want to see the movie. Also, did you get the order that I submitted online for Scentsy a few weeks ago? I submitted it through your scnetsy page and it was to be sent to Vicki Streeter (my mom). I am just making sure you got it because I am not sure how it all works and I wasn't sure if I should be expecting a confirmation email or anything when it is sent. Thanks again for all your help.