Friday, January 2, 2009

Presenting The Whiz Kid...

Once a week, Dalton's teacher assigns one of the student's in the class as "The Whiz Kid". Dalton has been looking forward to his turn since school started. This Whiz Kid gets to take home a backpack with all the information and ideas for a science experiment. Dalton chose the soda carbonation gas idea. The bottle with the pink balloon was refrigerated, quickly opened, then the balloon was placed on top and put back into the fridge. The bottle with the blue balloon was room temperature, and the balloon was placed on top. The bottle with the red balloon was room temp, then opened and had a small bit poured out before the balloon was placed on top. It was then placed in warm water and then we waited for about 10 minutes. The results are in the photos. As you can tell, when the soda is placed in the warm water, the carbon dioxide gas is released much quicker, causing the balloon to fill up much quicker. Dalton had so much fun doing this experiment.
Once the experiment was complete, he had to bring it in to show the class. Since his teacher and I are friends, I made a little phone call and asked if it was okay to have him do his presentation on Thursday morning, after Madisen's Christmas concert, since Scott had the day off and we would already be at the school. She said that would work out just fine. Dalton did a great job:
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