Thursday, January 22, 2009

Show and Tell - brought to you by Pure Romance

In December, I attended a wonderful Direct Sales Networking Christmas dinner at the Olive Garden. I was going through my severe month of pain, however I didn't want to miss this opportunity. After taking a Torodol, I was able to have somewhat of an enjoyable evening. There were some really fun gifts in the white elephant exchange. One of the gals in our networking group sells "Pure Romance". You can look them up online, but I tell you -it takes a certain kind of personality to sell that stuff. Anyway, her gift in the exchange was a Hot Heart Massager, and although I had it once, it was snatched from me. I don't know if you have ever seen these things, but they are science breakthrough for anyone that has cold hands and feet, or that may wish to have a heating pad without the cord. I'm sure there are "other" uses for them, but I was all about getting some heat on my lower back during the month of December -when I felt like I was in back labor. So, I didn't win this gift and was kind of bummed. Then, low and behold, I look over when we were wrapping up the evening and the Pure Romance gal had a whole bunch of cash and carry of "unmentionables" out on the back table (we were in one of the banquet rooms). I was only interested in something that might relieve my back pain, and she had a few of these massagers left. I purchased one and went home to place it on my back. Oh, the relief and NO CORD! The kids thought it was the "coolest" thing ever, and Madisen kept playing with it. When you first hold it, it looks like a pink liquid of some sort. There is this little metal small coin looking thing, that when you wiggle it fast, it creates friction in the liquid causing a harder gel type substance to form, and heats up to about 140 degrees. After a few hours it hardens, then you boil it for 10 minutes to cause the liquid to go back to the original state. So Madisen has just about taken claim to this thing and was trying to explain how it worked to her teacher. Her teacher told her that if she brought it in to show the class, he would give her "teacher" bucks (used for the class sale at the end of the year). She came home and as she was leaving for school one morning, she told me she wanted to take the heart thing to school. I was a bit hesitant at first, but with the rush of the morning, she was out the door with the little thing in her bag. When Madisen returned home from school, I asked her how the day went. She told me her teacher thought the heart warmer was neat, however he had to ask the principal if it was okay to share it with the class. I think the back of the heart says something like "loving through touch". Anyway, I guess that might not be appropriate with a bunch of 6th graders. The principal didn't think sharing it with the class was a good idea (which was understandable), and Madisen ended up with her "teacher" bucks anyway. Maddie didn't seem embarrassed, hopefully she won't be scarred for life. I know, it's all about appearances and I may get some funny looks next time I go to the school, but hey -I still think the little thing is awesome for heat therapy without a cord. Maybe they should sell these little things in a square shape without all the "romance" connotation attached. Next time the teacher might ask a few more questions when he tells a student to bring something in for show and tell. ;)

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