Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busing Returns!!

Since moving here, we have not had busing. We didn't have busing in Idaho either, but we were very close to the school. We actually are even a bit closer to the school than when we were in Idaho, but because of Cook Rd, being "famous for road kill, Cook Rd", everyone drives their children to and from school E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. Most of us in our neighborhood had a carpool, so it wasn't bad. The bad thing was trying to drive to and from the high school everyday. Most days, Makenah has seminary (bible study) so she is able to get a ride with a fellow high school driver. Going to pick her up though -man I tell you what. They built the high school and Jr. high kind of sort of on the same property, with one road that connects all parking lots -5 of them. There are 2 major streets that feed onto the road that goes between the two schools. They are both small 2 lane roads with neighborhoods coming out all over. In the morning, you have people trying to get out for work, buses and cars trying to get into the school, and buses and cars leaving from the school. It is C.R.A.Z.Y.!! From what I understand, there was busing right before we moved here, then with the budget cuts, it was one of the first things to go. As the driver on my carpool day, I would take the kids to school by 8:45, then pick up Makenah at 2:15 (except that I would have to get there by 1:45 or forget about it). By the time I get home from picking Makenah up, it's about time to pick up the kids from the elementary school. My day was so broken, I felt like I had a kindergartner. So, in November the levy finally passed. Actually it ended up having to go for a recount because the numbers were only off by less than 60 votes. So, now that the levy passed, we have busing! YEAH!! The cool thing is that the district was able to implement busing on the first day back from Winter Break. On January 5th, this was a welcome sight!! Good Bye Children. Have a wonderful day at school and I will see you when the bus brings you home :)


Bridges Family said...

Who knew you would be so grateful for school buses. Sounds like it was a nightmare!

little miss shortcake said...

ugh, i'm so lame! i've been reading your blog, just forgetting to leave comments!

I love your Wii Christmas - Genius!

Happy Birthday to your girls!

And I'm surprised you didn't get a picture of all of the happy parents jumping up and down, celebrating as the bus drove away ;)