Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to You x2!!

No, there are no twins in our family. Just shared birthdays. Two Birthdays. On December 29th. Both the girls, 3 years apart. 2 Birthdays between Christmas and New Years, on the same day! I swear we did not plan it like that. It was God's scents of humor for sure. It's a hard time to celebrate your birthday, and then to have to share it -well, it is what it is and we make to most of it. The girls have BIG "even and a half" partys in the summer, getting a turn every other year. This way, all the friends could come, and the party could be outside if they wanted. On their birthdays though, we have a small family party. The girls get to pick what they would like for dinner. Beleive it or not, both of them picked, well the same as last year, Corned Beef and Cabbage. What kid in their right mind, when they can have ANYTHING for their birthday dinner, would ask for cooked cabbage? Makenah, who is now 15, just so happened to have a few friends over, and though they weren't too excited about the dinner choice, they celebrated with us anyway. After dinner, the girls decorated their cakes, then we sang happy birthday. I think we sang happy birthday and had candles, but I was medicated and can't remember. Hmmmm. I'll have to ask the girls about that. I don't have pictures of the candles, so I'm thinking that maybe we didn't sing. I'm feeling a bit sad now. Okay, moving on. Makenah had said she would like a keyboard for her birthday. A nice one with a stand that does a thousand different things. I just so happened to pick up this one on Black Friday for a smokin' deal at Target. Madisen, now 12, recently bought herself an iPod, and so I thought it would be a perfect gift to get her a new stereo that has a docking station for her iPod. She agreed!! Madisen, who because it was her 12th birthday, received a special gift from Grandma Tippets in the form of a beautiful cross stitch. She loved it! Makenah's friends helped put her keyboard together, and before I knew it, the keyboard was in Makenah's room. That seemed to be the end of the evening, but wait, there is more. About a month ago, I receive an email from one of the band moms that there would be an "all night laser tag" for the band students on December 29th. If I shaproned, I would get in for free. I was excited to do this. Laser tag would go from 11 pm until 5 am! YIKES! Anyway, with my surgery, there was a change in plans. Scott would go in my place. I don't think either of us realized until right before, that Scott would have the same day, and the next day after laser tag. Afer the party, Makenah was able to invite her friends to laser tag and off they went with Scott as one of the chaperones. I thought for sure that he would be able to work it out once he got there, to come home for a while and sleep. That was his plan anyway. At 5 AM, I hear them come through the door. He said that once he got there, he didn't want to turn around and come home, then get up in the night again to pick them up, bring them home, then turn around and go back in the same direction to go to work. Since I could'nt drive, I couldn't help him either. The kids had a great time. Scott came home the evening of the 30th from work and took a much needed nap. Makenah on the other hand, had been invited to go with her friend's family to Gatlinburg for a few days. She left on the afternoon of the 30th and had so much fun, but was exhausted when she got home. Madisen is now in the Young Women's organization at church and was so excited to get out of the Children's organization of Primary. She had her first youth get together on the Tuesday before New Years. A few days before her birthday, she attended the YMCA youth night. I can't believe she is 12!!
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mjenningsdesigns said...

Happy birthday girls! Peyton's was yesterday! :-) I like the 1/2 birthday celebration.

Anne's Little Life said...

Happy Birthday to Makenah and Madisen! It seems like the year passed so quickly. I can't believe it's birthday time again. You must make a mean corned beef and cabbage.