Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Day 2008 (Lots of Photos!)

Christmas Day started with Scott getting up at the crack of dawn to make a breakfast casserole. The kids woke up and of course wanted to dive into their stockings. Dad said, "No way. You must wait for your mother." I had just come home from surgery a few days before, and since my sleep is so broken up, I didn't get up until about 8:30 or 9. I did the best I could to hurry and shower, thinking that the kids had already been into their stockings. When I came out of the bedroom, the kids were looking at me all puppy dog eyed. I hurried and grabbed a plate of Scott's casserole (I needed to eat so I could take some meds). The kids dove into the stockings and enjoyed everything about them. There were gift cards, toys, candy, small flashlights (Santa was thinking about the 72-hour kits), and books for all. After The stockings were opened, and I got some meds in my body, it was time to open the gifts under the tree. I have been planning this Christmas since September and was SO excited. This year, Scott and I decided to approach our Christmas gift giving a little different. Our children are in need of nothing, and they really don't want for anything either. The kids bought for each other, and they each had their usual Christmas Eve pajamas that had their names on the packages. Those were the ONLY gifts with names on them. This year we wanted to focus on EVERYTHING family. Every package under the tree that was from Scott and I had no name, only beautiful wrapping. There were puzzles, games and of course, since it was all about we, as in WE the family, we got a Wii and just about everything Wii related. This has been my favorite Christmas so far. It wasn't about "I want" or "ME, ME, ME", it was all about family and bringing us together to play.
This is how our family looked ALL day on Christmas, and most of the days since.
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mjenningsdesigns said...

Wow! It was a "Wii" Christmas!

Bridges Family said...

It looks like Santa did a great job this year! Fun family memories are to treasure forever.

little miss shortcake said...

i just noticed you got the whole guitar hero set - i'm so jealous! i want the drums!
oooh... and the wii fit :)

Melissa said...

I finally remebered to check out your blog! Maybe someday I will get back on my blog! We also had a Wii christmas but I didn't get a wii fit like I wanted! It is fun though, we have really enjoyed playing together as a family!