Monday, January 5, 2009

Putting up the Christmas Tree 2008

We usually put up our tree the Monday night following Thanksgiving. Scott and I tried the real tree thing, but we didn't like the mess, the cost, or the fact that the tree would get so dry. Our dog (Mocha), that we once had, used to drink out of the base of the tree as well, which I hated. So, we are artificial tree users now and have been for sometime. The first artificial tree that we owned was our tree in California. It was a 6-footer and was not pre-lit. When we moved from California to Minnesota, we left our 6-footer up in the attic, along with all of our Christmas decorations and a few other assorted items. We sent my parents to go fetch everything that we left in the attic, and have since claimed just about everything except our first tree. My parents now proudly use this tree every year. We bought a beautiful artificial tree from Costco the Christmas after we moved to Minnesota. There are well over 1000 lights on our pre-lit 7-foot tree. It is so nice not to have to worry about putting the lights up. I rather enjoy setting up the tree, and just putting our decorations on with no fuss of the lights. We don't have a themed tree either, keeping it very simple. I once thought about how nice that would be to have a different themed tree every year, then I thought about all the children who don't even get gifts, and what a waste of money that would be for me to have two trees, when others don't even have one. So, there you go. We have one tree that is filled with years of our children's best hand made ornaments. Our tree also includes ornaments that were given to us by family and friends, and the olive wood nativity scenes that I picked out about 12 years ago. When we were driving from Minnesota to Idaho (a few moves ago), we stopped at the famous Wall Drug. We found these thin metal, gold looking decorations and they had one from every state. We picked one one of each of the states that we lived in (we are now missing Ohio) and I love these on the tree. The other fun thing that we do, as of a few years ago, is after we set up the tree, we go to the store and each pick out a new decoration. Anyway, it's a fun time talking about the decorations as we hang them with Christmas music softly playing in the background. This year, I put the star on the tree.
Madisen must show dominance over her older sister by sitting on her.
Our new ornaments for 2008 (brought to you by Meijer)
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