Friday, January 2, 2009

The Thanksgiving apple that wasn't..

The month of November was EXTREAMLY busy with Scentsy events. I had 8 basket parties, and 11 vendor events. Typically when doing these vendor events, it is my rule NOT to buy other vendor's merchandise. Afterall, the whole reason I am there is to try and make money and promote the Scentsy products. So, here I was minding my own business, and this GIANT, De-lish-ous, Choc-o-late, beautiful wrapped apple jumped out at me. I really tried to restrain myself, even thinking how fun it would be to make similar apples at home with the kids. I thought about the fun we would have together, in a Wonderful Life dream. Then, all of the sudden reality set in and I began to think about the mess, the fighting, the sticky all over the counter tops, and WHAM, that was the end of the dream. I did think one of these would be so great for Thanksgiving though. I also thought of my friend Cari who does these amazing gift baskets and how lovely something like this would look in one of her baskets. "That's it! I'll buy it so I can show Cari" (justification is reality for me sometimes, I'll admit it). Anyway, after showing it to Cari I brought it home to enjoy for Thanksgiving Day. I placed it carefully in the pantry, along with our sparkling cider and that's where it stayed. Until Friday morning. When I woke up. When I realized we didn't get to enjoy THAT apple (or the cider) for Thanksgiving. We ended up enjoying it for our Family Night desert. It was tasty, messy but tasty. Sorry I didn't get to share it with you Cari. You should have reminded me because I am a multi tasker, and unless it gets put here, I forget. Did I mention IT sure was tasty? :)
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Cari said...

Okay, that is just cruel, especially when you let me look at it, sniff it, and tell me we could eat it too. That looks too good even cut up.