Friday, January 2, 2009

Twisted, AGAIN!!

I think since Scott and I have been married (over 16 years now), he has twisted his ankle no less than 6 times. There is not an ankle that he favors, so they both get to have turns being twisted. This time, early in December, he chose his right foot. We just returned home from church, and it had been raining. After parking in the garage, he grabbed the umbrella and was going to walk down our lengthy driveway to get the Sunday paper. I went to go in the house, and just as I turned around to walk in the door, I hear this loud thud on the ground. I turned around and saw Scott laying there behind the car flat on his back in his nice suit, while the umbrella was a short distance away. I ran over to help him up (secretly I wanted to go grab my camera to take a picture, but I refrained. Apparently he mis-stepped on the little lip of the garage where the door comes down. It didn't sprain, but it sure looked bad. Needless to say he didn't play racquetball for a few weeks. This is what it looked like a few hours after the fall, after some ice therapy.
This is what it looked like a few days after the fall.

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