Monday, March 30, 2009

Kidnapping Cari!

See the lady in the pink. Her name is Cari and she is a dear friend who needed a night out! (I didn't get a close up of her -dang!) My friend Siri and I decided to have a girls night out in Cari's honor (of course it was a girls night in for me). I called Cari's husband about a week before to make sure that he would be good to hang out with their 5 children for a few hours. I then called a bunch of Cari's friends and we planned the whole thing. About an hour before Siri picked up Cari, Aaron (Cari's husband) got a bit giddy so Cari knew that something was up. Siri tried to get her to leave on her sweats, but no deal. She ran up and changed before Siri could get her out the door. Anyway, we had quite a few ladies here and had a wonderful evening of conversation, food, and lots of Wii Guitar Hero World Tour.
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Angela on guitar
Carri (a different Carri) on base
Sina on Drums
This is Siri, the Cari kidnapper.
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Cari said...

Thanks so much for that. It was great to know that girlfriends, know how to make you laugh and come back to life again. You guys are awesome.

Teresa said...

what a fun thing to do for a friend!! Angela, that picture of you is awesome!!! Teresa