Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break in VA and D.C.!

I know I haven't been so good lately on getting to my blog. Scentsy is keeping me busy (I now have 40 on my team!), and just the day-to-day stuff that needs to get done -I'm a blogging slacker! We just had an awesome week in Virginia visiting Stephanie (Scott's Sister) and her family. Scott was unable to go because he couldn't get the time off work. We loaded up the car last Thursday night and the kids went to school on Friday for the morning while I finished up getting things loaded. I think it was after one in the afternoon when we finally got out of here, and the drive is a little over eight hours. I kept telling the kids we needed to get there as quickly as possible because there was no way Max would go to bed until we all got there. The drive was nice (I love road trips anyway), but I especially enjoy having the 2 video screens in the car. It makes for a much more pleasurable driving experience with children. Anyway, we got to Stephanie's about 9:30 on Friday evening, and were up until about midnight chatting. Saturday, Stephanie's neighbor was having a craft show and Stephanie had invited me to go and do Scentsy. Stephanie does there very cool Modge Podge plates, and my girls had so much fun learning how to make them. I don't think I took any pictures of the girls decorating plates though. For the Saturday event, I just brought a suitcase to do my table display, and not much cash and carry. There were a few other events going on in the area, so it was a bit slow, but I did manage to meet Shanan -the Stampin' Up gal. She joined my Scentsy team while I was there so it turned out to be a great event after all. Sunday we headed to Washington DC (about a 2 hour drive), along with about 500,000 other people to see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom. It was crazy crowded, but worth it. We also managed to go into the Holocaust Museum to go through Daniel's Story. I think it made a small impact on the kids about discrimination. The kids had fun trying to climb trees, then we walked to the Jefferson Memorial. The blossoms were beautiful! Mark, Max, Justin, Stephanie
Max and Stephanie
Kids helping Dalton to climb
Max in deep thought (most likely about where he could run)
Jefferson Memorial:
Oh the crowds!
Cherry Blossoms -WOW!
Makenah, Madisen, Dalton:
Washington Monument and Cherry Blossoms
Jefferson Memorial
Justin, Dalton, Makenah, and Madisen:
Madisen and Makenah listening to the iPod
Max, so sleepy!
The kids and I
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More to come!

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