Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break Continued: Dalton is 9!!

Us at the Space Center
Monday we were going to go to the zoo for Dalton's 9th Birthday, but Dalton said that was more like a 5-year-old thing to do. We switched days and headed to the Space Meuseum and Dalton was happy about that. Another hour and a half drive away, but a great thing to do. There was so much to see and we splurged a bit and went to the IMAX movie "Blue Planet", and also into a fighter jet simulator. Dalton and I went in the simulator together and ended up upside down a few times -I was laughing so hard the tears were coming. It was great! Madisen was wishing she could have gone in to the space shuttle. We went home and had a feast of BBQ steak and hot dogs (hot dogs were Dalton's request), along with all the fixings. Thanks Mark! The steak was so tastey :) Dalton also requested a chocolate cake with blue frosting and a number 9 candle. We ate so late that night, and so much. I had a hard time going to sleep, but it was worth it. YUM!
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Dalton and Justin waiting for the feast
The meat -YUM!
Dalton and his cake
Lighting the #9 candle
Aunt Stephanie cutting the cake
Max wanting his frosted hands washed!

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