Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meridian Dance Festival 2009

While at lunch the second day of Boot Camp, I was talking to Becky Preece and Heidi Thompson, and threw out that I didn't have any plans for Saturday night if they had any suggestions. I'm so glad I said that. While we lived there, our church had a big area dance festival with all the youth participating from the Meridian/Eagle area. It was a lot of work for the kids and the adults that sewed all the costumes. I didn't realize that we were in the same stake as Heidi and Becky, and I didn't know that the dance festival was going to be the Saturday night that I happened to have no plans. So, I was so happy they invited me to join them for the evening. I had the opportunity to sit next to Heidi, and for about 45 minutes was able to chat with her. It was so great to get to know her better. She is an amazing woman and I am greatful for her leadership example (and the invite to a fun, memorable evening). I even ran into another friend of mine from our old ward -Angie Batis. Angie's family was at our home on Christmas eve that night our little tea light decoration caught fire, and came so close to having our wall go up in flames. We were having dinner in another room. Small world and it gets smaller with every move we have made. This is where I was going for the Dance Festival:
and this is what I was across from while waiting in line :)
Some photos from the Dance Festival -the kids worked so hard and it was a lot of fun to watch. I still miss Idaho!
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