Friday, March 21, 2008

I am a VERY Stylish Girl!!

I was given a blog award from Chanin for A Very Stylish Girl!! How fun! Yes, Chanin, you did an amazing job making my blog look so stylish. I'm going to pass it along to my friend Living in STRAWBERRYLAND because she has an amazing blog and she blogs EVERYDAY!! And, because she made her own blog book , from, which I have seen and now must have my own. Very stylish :) Makenah was able to go with a friend and her family to South Carolina. They are staying in a private beach house until Wednesday, LUCKY GIRL!! She will have to put up with a few of her friends younger siblings in car seats, but one can never learn to have enough patience. Oh, BTW, she did get her phone back, it only took a few weeks. See, I told you, go right for the kill. Today was a fun shopping day. We had planned on doing a bit of shopping for spring/summer clothes and a new swim suit. Kohls was the place to go because they were having a 50% off sale on ALOT of items. We took her friend with us to Kohls because she needed some things too. Then I got some stuff for Dalton because he is a typical guy and H.A.T.E.S shopping. After we got her packed and out the door (yes, I'm a bit jealous of the beach house thing), it was Madisen's turn. Dalton had to come with, but at least Madisen is pretty quick to know what she wants, try things on, and get to the check out. We headed over to Target for some much needed craft supplies so we all make it through spring break without killing each other. Madisen will be making a door bead hanging thing and Dalton will be painting 6 little figures. My job over the last few days has been the basement. My back is showing signs of wear and tear from lifting though. I forget that I am old now and out of shape. I did get lots of ban bag chairs for the basement, due to the fact that we are hosting many movie nights during the month for the kids. I'm waiting for our tax return so we can get that new treadmill. Oh how we need that treadmill!! The waters have receeded, the sun is out and the grass is already turning GREEN!! I need to get pictures, but I was too busy shopping today! Have a great weekend all! TGIF.


little miss shortcake said...

WoW! i feel so special :)
i have yet to shop at a kohls, even with that big new one right down the street from me - i will have to check it out since our walter-bear just had another growth spurt and is sporting high-waters... again.

Alaskagirl said...

LOVE the blog book. I may be ordering myself one. Sounds like you have some fun things planned for Spring Break. I was going to scrapbook my stinkin' brains out...but didn't. Mark your calendar for OCTOBER 11th!! We set the date...finally. I will talk to you soon friend.