Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Ordinary Pancakes...

For the last couple of weeks, this is what my children have wanted for breakfast (not everyday, but a few). I know pancakes are fattening and all, but who can resist when the children adoringly ask, "Mom, will you please make those delishious chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast?" Can I just say how much I enjoy those mini chocolate chips? They are so much better than the regular size. I know I should make whole wheat, made from scratch with NO refined sugars. I know I should only use carob chips, or berries or something all natural. I don't. I'm all about ease and fun. Anything that I can just "add water" and a handful of mini chocolate chips, then have my children tell me how much they enjoy it and that I am the best mom in the world for making such a thing, I pat myself on the back. Maybe tomorrow I will try for the heathy stuff.
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mjenningsdesigns said...

Oh I love fresh pancakes off the griddle!

P.S. I think it was the HAT!