Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meanest Mom Award!!

Yep, I get the award!! The kids have a snow day today, which means they have NO SCHOOL (I just thought I would clarify that for those of you that do not understand this concept). Today I asked Dalton to shovel the driveway. Well, not even the whole, long drive way. Only a portion of the driveway. You would have thought I was asking for the impossible. He threw a F.I.T., and said it was supposed to be a pajama day. I looked all over for all the snow gear, and finally found it put up in the garage. I told Dalton he got the first "shoveling shift". HE WAS NOT A-MUZED! He went outside and barely got a few shovelfuls before he was back in the house. He said he was all done with his part. I went to check, this time modeling for him what the expectations were. He cried. He yelled (screamed) at me and told me that I was being mean, so I gave him a little pop on the mouth and told him that was unacceptable to talk to me that way. I again told him what the expectations were, and came in the house to grab my camera. He came in again when he was half way done to tell me he was half way done, then asked if he could have some hot chocolate when he was finished. I guess when he figured out that I wasn't going to cave on the task I gave him, he changed his attitude. He finished the job and is now enjoying a hot cup of hot chocolate. In case you are wondering, he took his gloves off because he said his hands were too hot. HE DOES OWN GLOVES!! Here's to the mean moms who make their children shovel, clean toilets, do dishes, and mow the lawn. :)


Jad & Shanilee said...

ABSOLUTELY!!!!! My Mother did the same thing, I hated it! I love her for it , so You're totally the BEST "meanest" Mom. Yeah For You! lol

little miss shortcake said...

oh you are so mean ;)
hot chocolate sounds so good right now! i can't believe we ran out!

Bridges Family said...

I don't think you are mean at all! Kids need to learn to work and the reward of hot chocolate in the end was I'm sure worth it! I'm sure Max will think we are mean in a few years but for now - he can't wait to get out in it!

mjenningsdesigns said...

Peyton already washes dishes! Because he wants too :-)

I wish he could shovel us out!