Thursday, May 7, 2009

Student of the Week: Dalton

Scott making a visit to Dalton's classroom:
Dalton was Student of the Week a few weeks ago. He brought in a few things to share, but the highlight was having Scott come and tell the class about his job. The kids thought the poster that Scott brought in with the meat sections from the cow was very cool. They asked lots of questions about being a meat buyer and Scott was happy to answer them all. Scott finished up his visit by giving out Beef Jerky and Slim Jims -PERFECT! Dalton was so happy to have his dad come for show and tell. It wouldn't be right to not give something "meat" to the students:
After Scott left, it was time for the quarterly student sale. During the year, the students can earn pretend money for turning in assignments on time, being helpful, and participating in class. They then can use the money to purchase items from other students during the sale. Items can vary from having your nails painted, to food items, to old McDonalds toys and playing little games. Dalton's (and my idea) choice was to sell paper airplanes. It was a great idea and somehow I got roped in to sitting at his desk making and selling paper airplanes while he went around to the other 3rd grade classrooms to check out what the other students had to offer. He came back with a soda and popcorn for me, so I guess that was payment of my services :) Scott left to go back to work, and the student sale began:
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