Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last Week...

Last week turned out to be VERY expensive! If you are a loyal follower of our happenings, we had to get a new washer a few days after Christmas. So, I think at the sad loss of it's faithful companion, our dryer got very sick and we have been nursing it along now for several months. We finally could not deal with the smelly towels after running the dryer for hours on end, with little to no results except a huge gas bill. We had someone come out to fix the dryer, paying out over $200, and a few days later, the improvements declined. We could have bought the dryer that matched the washer, and it would have looked so nice in my laundry room, however, tires were next on the list of replacements (not to mention the $800 E.R. bill we received from when Scott deliverd his child, Kidney Stone Tippets the 3rd). . Okay, so back to the tires. I know I have talked about Cook Rd. on my blog often, but having bald tires on Cook Rd. is N.O.T. an option when the roads are wet (a good portion of the time). Remember, we live in a tropical rain forest here. Last winter, my car got stuck for a few minutes on Cook Rd. going up the steep incline after it had started to snow. I was afraid for my life, really. So the other day, we had this thunderstorm come through, which produced massive amounts of rain in NO TIME! As a matter a fact, Makenah and I were having dinner with some friends (well, we had just ordered anyway), when the resturant lost power. They couldn't cook our food, so we left to go elsewhere. Just as I was trying to pull out on the main road, with the smallest hint of an incline, my tires began to spin out from under the car. It lasted a few seconds before we actually went anywhere. So, Scott took the van and got me the most beautiful tires I have ever seen. Even if I don't have the matching dryer, I have nice, safe tires
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What else could a girl ask for. (except for this beautiful bed from Crate&Barrel, sigh)


CandyandLadybugs said...

I'm glad you have safe tires now. :) Nice dryer. :)

Here is the bed my dad is going to make me that looks like a Crate&Barrel bed. I want mine in black though. :)

little miss shortcake said...

i hold a world record for flat tires.
i love crate and barrel :)

mjenningsdesigns said...

Isn't if funny how tires and appliances take over the budget! Keep that bed on your wishlist :-)


Anne's Little Life said...

I hate those unexpected expenses that seem to constantly put off getting the fun stuff.